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The New Orlenas Suprerdome Has Been Evacuated

Hurricane Katrina survivors at the New Orleans Superdome
Hurricane Katrina Survivors await Evacuation at the Superdome

by Kevin Caruso

September 3, 2005

Six days after Hurricane Katrina hit, the New Orleans Superdome has finally been evacuated.

The Superdome, which was supposed to be a refuge for people who lost their homes, turned out to be a dangerous, filthy place with no electricity, no running water, and inadequate drinking water, food, medicine, and security.

Exhausted, distraught, frustrated Hurricane Katrina survivors waited hour after hour, day after day, to receive the supplies that they needed and to be evacuated.

The process was excruciatingly slow and completely inadequate.

Finally, on September 3rd, the last of the survivors were evacuated.

Thank God.

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